Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Proverbs 21:30

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan
that can succeed against
the LORD.
- Proverbs 21:30

The news broadcasts of late have had me shaking my head in amazement. It seems that no matter where you turn there is anger and hatred. Leaders of nations make their plans to wipe out western civilization. No wonder those who don't know the Lord fill their lives with "stuff." They chase after worldly pleasures to try to chase away the hopelessness and despair that settles in. Unfortunately all of these things only leave you needing more to make you feel better.
The good news is that the Lord is always there, waiting for us to turn to him. We can be certain that even the best laid plans of men will never be able to derail the will of God. With that certainty in our hearts we can truly have the Lord's peace in our hearts, in our lives, and in our homes. Remember, when the world seems to be turning upside-down, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, our strongtower in times of trouble.

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