Monday, October 8, 2007

Habakkuk 2:2

Write the vision
And make it plain…

- Habakkuk 2:2

Not too long ago the Lord brought this verse to me. What struck me about it is the fact that the Lord wanted the prophet Habakkuk to write down the vision plainly – nothing fancy or cryptic, but just plain talk so that people could understand what was being communicated. I think this is a very important point for us to remember. God wants us to understand what He tells us.

Now I know that some passages in the Bible seem “out there.” The book of The Revelation is one that comes to mind. Or how about some of the stuff in Daniel? Talk about weird! But even those things that seem to be beyond our grasp really can be understood if we remember to allow the Bible to mean what it says, and if we remember to interpret Scripture by using the whole of Scripture. Taking The Revelation as an example, every idiom used in that book are explained elsewhere in the Bible – you just have to dig for them!

So the next time you come across a passage of Scripture that’s a bit tough to tangle with, get out your shovel and get ready to dig for treasure! Remember, God wants you to understand His Word!

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