Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Song of Solomon 2:10b-12

Get up, my love! My beauty! Come away!
For you see that the winter has passed,
the rain is finished and gone,
the flowers are appearing in the countryside,
the time has acome for the birds to sing,
and the cooing of doves can be heard in the land.

- Song of Solomon 2:10b-12

There has been a growing number of robins gathering daily in the trees in the boulevard in front of our house this past week. I knew it would happen. I just didn't know it would happen so soon. It happens every year. The robins gather, then they fly south for the winter. Yes, it's only the beginning of October, but the heralds of winter are already showing up.

In this verse from the Song of Solomon there are other hallmarks being mentioned - signs that winter is finished and gone. Life is filled with seasons and cycles. There is a rythm to life that can be so very comforting, even when the season or cycle might be less than enjoyable. If we look hard enough we can find God in it all. If we look hard enough we can see His treasures and His refreshment in the seasons and cycles of our lives. If we simply look for Him, He will be there.

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